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Using Our Gallops

You have been directed to this page to read and complete a disclaimer before using our gallops.

You are asked to read this page carefully and fully before agreeing to our terms and conditions and completing the online form.

You (The hirer) understands that Derek Shaw Racing Limited or anyone associated with Derek Shaw Racing Limited shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage which may occur during your visit.  We do not provide or insure you, your tack or equipment, you are advised to make your own necessary arrangements. 

At ALL times riders are required to wear riding hats that conform to the current British Standard and suitable footwear with defined heels.  The use of a  body protector is also a requirement and not voluntary.  

If any rider is under 18 years of age they MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 years or over, The rider must be experienced and capable enough to use the facilities according to the parent/guardian. 

This online form replaces any previous signed forms and will cover your continued use of our gallops for each calendar year (January – December).  We ask that you complete a new one should any of your contact details change.

In order to proceed you will need to have read the above, and then agree to the conditions set out in the form below. 

By completing this form you are signing to say that you have understood and agree to comply with the conditions.  Failure to comply with these means that we have the right to ask you to leave and prevent any further use of the gallops.

We cannot be held responsible for your failure not to comply.  Derek Shaw Racing Limited can at any time, without notice reserve the right to close the gallops.

On selecting the I Agree button below you will be asked to provide your personal details, these details are for record keeping only and will be kept in line GDPR and privacy policy.